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Serverless Site Status Microsite by Classics Press



AWS Lambda site status microsite (meant to be deployed to status.domain.tld). This will start as a basic blog functionality (manual). Full roadmap:

  • v0.1 : Basic blog for posting/editing/deleting only (with authentication)
  • v0.2 : Ability to subscribe via email for updates
  • v0.3 : Ability to report issues
  • v0.4 : Ability to check if webserver is responding, and post update if not
  • v0.5 : Ability to check for keywords on a given web page, and post update if not
  • v0.6 : Expand to check on ping, ssh, dns availability (pro version)
  • v0.7 : Provide secondary DNS service in addition (pro version)

Future ability will be productizing this, on a $2/year/site

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